what does being a pro member mean and how do you get it? ?

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Kiteman8 years ago
It means you have opted to offer financial support to the site.

You get extra features (such as PDF downloads), and a dinky little badge on your username (see mine).

See the launch announcement.
 how do i access pro forums? and whats media rich viewing?
You're pro, just go look at it - there's no extra password.

Media rich viewing is what you used to post your comment - you get more formatting options, tables, special characters etc.
 see my dinky little badge ! lol
lemonie8 years ago
how do i access pro forums? and whats media rich viewing?
master key8 years ago
You buy it and when you do you get extra futures
I think you mean features...

What kind of features?
Media Rich Viewing,Private projects,PRO forums,PRO badge,Less ads and three others.
You get various extra features, access to higher res images, preference for all steps, less adverts on 'ibles, access to pro forums and other things like PDF downloads... The features are still evolving, though I'm happy enough to have paid for two years up front. You do have to pay to go pro, unless pro subscriptions are offered as prizes for competitions though at the moment they're not...
gmxx8 years ago
pro member means that you paid for an account here. It gives access to extra features. such as favorites, pro forums, all steps.

See more info at: