what does it mean if your crush asks you for a date?

my crush asked me for a date via a letter as in we were unable to talk one to one..he asked me to meet at a place which is dark and kinda looks like a hall..where there is less people

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-Salamanda-2 years ago

It probably means he's attracted to you as well, but i'd be careful because that sounds really shady....

To many milk carton features there.

If you go, Don't go alone.


GloriaW3 years ago

Are you a
boy or a girl? If girl, I don’t suggest you going there cause it’s really not
safe. But the suggestion is same if you are a boy either.

rickharris3 years ago

Don't put your self at risk

Tell your parents - Get one of them to drop you off if you decide to go.

Be guided by what your parents say.

iceng3 years ago

You R not very well tied into the web for a dancing boy !

Vyger3 years ago

Do they have strange alien qualities and do they have probes?

Are you known for carrying large amounts of cash on you or other valuables?

Are your parents involved in secret government programs?

Are they invisible to everyone else?

Have you had all your shots?

Are you afraid of the dark? and if not why not.

Do you have Chuck Noris on speed dial?

Have you ever heard of SHIELD? And

Do you have any special talents or abilities that they might be interested in?