what does this cd4011be chip do?

on the datasheet it says its a CMOS NAND GATE, what does it do and what do i use it for?
http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/113449/TI/CD4011BE.html  <<Datasheet

powerman6664 years ago
It makes a great warble alarm sound effect. Check out the Ramsey Mad Blaster Warbler Alarm. The circuit uses a 4011. www.ramseyelectronics.com/downloads/manuals/MB1.pdf In this PDF it appears that they omitted the schematic for building it. I think I feel a new instructable coming on.
rickharris6 years ago
You need to do some serious study of logic gates before the device is going to be any real use to you at all. Try starting here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_gate