what does this chip do?

i have a atmlh812 smd chip here, but i cant find any datasheets on it.

it also says
02B(or 8) 1

is it made by atmel?
can someone help me find a datasheet for it?

lemonie7 years ago

Where did you get it, is it unmounted?

zack247 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
it was in a "we-muv" pedometer, but there is another chip on the other side of the board, under that weird black epoxy stuff. its still soldered on, since i want to find out how to use it first. do you have any ideas what it does? it doesn't look like ts connected to anything, but there are test contacts on the board around it. they say: -evdd -scl -sca and 2 of the pins look like they are connected by a orangy smd capacitor
lemonie zack2477 years ago
I'll guess that the black blob has the processor & memory under it, the unidentified IC maybe interfaces to the pedo-mechanics?
I couldn't find anything either...

zack247 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
oh well, i guess i'll just unsolder the reed switch and get rid of the rest. thanks for the help though!