what dye/ how much do I use to tie-dye 50 t-shirts ????

I need to tie dye 50 shirts at a cub scout camp out. does anyone have any awesome ideas as to what dye / the best way / best tie, is it wise to concentrate dyes , since we can't dip fabric for too long etc. Camping you know. 50 little boys.

treespirit6 years ago
on a side note it occured to me that it might be fun for them to wrap stones up in rubber bands on their shirt or fold parts accordian style then wrap it cause it does some cool effects. you can also pole wrap a shirt and use a bottle to dribble the paint in lines, a paint brush works also and can be used to paint an image without having to tie dye. that might be a bit too much for one weekend though.
treespirit6 years ago
I havent done the math on how much would be needed for that many shirts but i can tell you that if you take some baking soda and bake it at 200 degrees for over an hour then you will have soda ash which is something that makes the dyes fix into the fabrics.

i have been experimenting with various types of dyes and rit dye isnt as vibrant as i personally would like. i have also tried koolaid vinegar mixture and got a light pastel at best that way. So far the best color vibrancy i have been able to find has been in acrylic paint. You will want to use the permanent acryllic this can be applied hot or cold. You will want to dillute the color 1 part paint 3 parts water. before applying the dye you will want to soak it in a soda ash and water solution, this will help the paint bond to the fabric. you will want to leave the rubber bands on and wrap your dyed shirts in a bag to cure for 24 hours in a warm place then rinse out your dyes the following day.

if you really want to get creative you can print out some sketch outlines and put them under the first layer of t shirt and trace them with glue, a spritz bottle works great to make the picture a little more visible.let the glue dry the day before and get some washable elmers glue batik going. it rinses out really well in warm water and keeps the dye from dying that part of the garment. really great for cool crisp images. guaranteed this method will be unique and people wont soon forget it. good luck to you!
jtp1398 years ago
ok so i answered this yesterday and i'm such a dummy i clicked the cancel button instead of the post comment button. so here i go again.... I did this project for my daughter's bday party last year. first of all, do it outside if at all possible because it's messy and you're not getting around that. have the kids wear appropriate clothing because the dye is permanent. I used Rit Dye found at local supermarket or walmart in the laundry section It's really cheap like $1-$2. Also it might be helpful to buy buckets or a tub to work over. You also need rubber bands to tie around the shirts for the designs. instead of dunking the shirts we used condiment squirt bottles. They were like 50 cents in the kitchen gadget section at walmart. plus you don't have giant buckets to cart around. good luck, tie dying with kids is definitely an adventure!