what electric motor has the least amount of drag and can be used to generate 15 watts at 200 rpm @ 12volt?

I am building a mini wind turbine and im sourcing a generator (not a diy one) that produces 15 watts at 12 volts @ 200 rpm? any ideas?

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Your problem is going to be that unless you gear it, you'll need a gear or belt speed up. 200RPM and 12V is likely to need a 20:1 step up for a 12V motor, or 10:1 for a 24V motor etc, since "base speed", the motor's rated speed is likely to be ~4000 RPM, if not higher
Burnr (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
thanx for your input on this. i will keep yhis in mind as i progress in my design.
brokengun8 years ago
Hard to say for that. I don't think it is very well documented how well electric motors perform as generators. You're best bet is to just try a few. Get some motors from a tape drive or something that looks like it might be the size you want. Is you only want 15 watts you might be able to get a higher rpm then 200.
Burnr (author)  brokengun8 years ago
Will try. it seems finding a suitable generator/dynamo is the hardest part of the whole thing.
ANDY!8 years ago
howbout a 15watt solar panel?
Burnr (author)  ANDY!8 years ago
The problem with a solar panel is that it wont work for this application. but i use solar panels for other things i plan to do instructables on a few of them.But thanx 4 your input
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a used DC electric motor