what electronic part is this??

what electronic part is this .What is it used for and some more details on it?!

Picture of what electronic part is this??
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Neon tube or so it appears. It may be a germanium diode. Possibly a lightbulb. Use a variable output supply to give it 3v then 9v then start experimenting up to 90v. If its 3 or 9, its a lighbulb. If its 90 or therabouts, its a neon tube.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
NE 2 neon bulb.
I have used these as a detector for microwaves. I twisted the leads together, put it on a stick, and when I stuck it in the microwave beam. It glows where the beam hits it. ~Bob~
imakethings (author)  ShutterBugger8 years ago
thanks folks!
lemonie8 years ago
Looks like a neon bulb to me L
ll.138 years ago
It looks to me like a light bulb, try rigging it up to two AA batteries, or a 9v battery (with the risk of blowing it)
That is a neon bulb. It needs a voltage of more than 90 volts and then it will give a faint orange glow.
HERE is the wiki article on it. It was used as an indicator lamp before LEDs were invented. Because the old equipment was valve driven (instead of transistor) there would be high enough voltage power supplies to power them.
It's what started me in electronics about 40 years ago. Put one of these in parallel with a capacitor and connect it to a 90 volt battery and you have a neon flasher.