what foodstuff produces the loudest, worst smelling flatulence?

school farting contest

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jlking38 years ago
Look for fiber supplements that contain chicory root extract or inulin. They are particularly flatulence-producing. As far as the smell is concerned, anything that smells strong as you eat it will probably become very pungent when farted. Think heavy onions, garlic, sardines, red peppers, hot peppers ...
canida8 years ago
I'd recommend combos - go for whatever makes you personally the gassiest (beans, cabbage, and dried fruit are usually good) then also eat things high in sulfur (eggs, sulfured dried fruit) and other noxious compounds.
Joe Martin8 years ago
  • Egg mayo
  • Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Eggs again
I have no evidence on why but I know personally that those do it!
Focker8 years ago
For me, pears do the trick, I don't know why, also, try eating a whole box of fiberone bars, I did that once and it was not pretty . . .
lemonie8 years ago
One foul smelling chemical produced by digestion is scatole (3-methylindole). It is produced from trypotphan, an amino acid present in various food. Click that link and you find that eggs are particularly rich in it and naturally poultry.
Eggs are also rich in in sulphur (amino cysteine) which is metabolised to foul smelling sulphides.
According to this cartoon character other good diets include beans, sprouts, cabbage water and Vesta chow-mein.