what game is this?

I don't have much information about this game aside from a vague description, but if anyone recognizes this, please speak up.
So... What I know about this game, is that it is a multiplayer "rail shooter" type game for the original playstation.  I remember that each player controlled a crosshair  and each crosshair had a special attack.  I remember the setting looking almost post-apocalyptic with destroyed buildings and tall skyscrapers.  If anyone has the remotest idea of what I'm talking about, speak up please. I'll make sure to check all of the games in this genre.

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artworker7 years ago
SPAWN, Resident Evil (code veronica), Resistance2 is rescent and new. May be the first part. These are the games that come close to your description.
Fizzxwizz (author)  artworker7 years ago
wasn't a third person shooter, there weren't any characters either. zsorry.
reedz7 years ago
It isn't possibly Alone in the Dark is it?
Fizzxwizz (author)  reedz7 years ago
I don't think it was
Here it is for real.
can u post a video?\
Fizzxwizz (author)  DontShoot2627 years ago
no sorry, haven't seen or played it in over 6 years