what goes on the neckpiece to the cardboard jaffa serpent guard costume?

the instructable mentioned a neckpiece in the section titled "the helmet part 1: the front. I'm confused about whether things go on it or not.

lemonie8 years ago
Go back to the page you were looking at. Scroll down towards the bottom and click on Add Comment in the lower left hand area. The creator should be able to answer it, but if it was posted years ago come back to me.

patrick8251 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i looked at the date...it was posted last year.
Hmm I think he's gone already.

Yes it's not very clear is it? It might look pretty cool when it's finished but I also find it hard to see how it's done. The neckpiece id the thing ring/diamond step 4 picture 2. I think there's some bits taped onto it in step 4 picture 4.
You're going to have to work this out for yourself (with cardboard) and I reckon that you could probably improve on it.

Spelling mistakes in there too...

frollard8 years ago
Get a stargate, then go pretty much anywhere. The jaffa will come try to eff you up. You'll need to shoot them and take their helmet and chest piece.