what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? theoretically?

what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? theoretically?

zezzo3 years ago
You correctly said to think out of the box, but you didn't think far enough: You're only considering one Universe, however, there is the belief that there are Parallel Universes which means that there might be an immovable object in one and an unstoppable force in the other and that they may yet meet. Then we have chaos and a new cycle begins, another big bang, as many before and many still to come. Our universe(s) continually expand and retract when they brake just like rubber bands.
Grathio4 years ago
Theoretically. If an infinite amount of force (the ultimate unstoppable force) meets an infinite mass (the ultimate immovable object) then an infinite amount of energy is released and the universe is destroyed in a maelstrom of infinite energy. But could God microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?
XOIIO Grathio4 years ago
no, because as soon as god makes something he becomes twice as powerful as it, keeping it so that he is always in charge.
and7barton4 years ago
A totally meaningless question, like - What colour is love ? How many beans make a cloud pass by ? Do rabbits enjoy life after death ? Just because you can put words together into a sentence that is grammatically correct, the sentence doesn't necessarily make any sense.
trad50 and7barton9 months ago
Only the good rabbits. The bad ones burn in eternal hellfire.
That's just silly. Beans don't make clouds pass, turnips do.
the_mad_man (author)  Re-design4 years ago
yeh jez, even I knew that.
It's actually a classical paradox, and not quite so nonsensical as it appears. what came before the big bang? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (that one's easy)
Witchboy1 year ago
You know those balls that hang from a bar with some kind of string? The energy gets transferred from the unstoppable force into the immovable object, making the unstoppable the immovable and the immovable the unstoppable.
adagio151 year ago
IF an immovable object and a unstopable force can exist in the same universe. the answer is simple. it would go through... it is immovable but not inpenatrable...
Prfesser4 years ago
What would liquid foot powder be like? Would wooden metal conduct electricity? Have you stopped beating your wife? I'm not trying to be facetious, but you should be able to see that when a contradiction is inherent in the question, that question is meaningless. An immovable object cannot be moved. An irresistible force cannot be resisted. One cannot have both in the same universe. So...maybe ookseer is right... :)
It's theoretically possible. The third element will exist before the final collision in which the distance of the immovable to the unstoppable will always be half of their past distance, moving forward. in that case, they will never meet.
Wonder932 years ago
I would like to first ask you all to please excuse my spelling and grammar. Some of my answers might not be grammatically correct. Now lets get back to the subject. I agree with ReMiXeD_7teen on this one. A force can be considered unstoppable if there isn't a force out there to stop it. A force also can be considered to be unmovable if there is a force to move it. So, I believe hypothesize that if an unmovable force meets an unstoppable force, the unmovable force will move and the unstoppable force will stop.
A man claims that he has a spear which can pierce anything and an impenetrable shield. Either the spear exist or the shield exist but not both.
the_mad_man (author)  Wonder932 years ago
fair enough.
I suppose because infinity is not greater than infinity, it would cancel out.
lets not go into the various types of infinity because that would just get confusing.
Infinite minus infinite is not 0.
OH and Ookseer, you are not answering the question because the question clearly states "unstoppable force and immovable object" and not infinitely defined objects which you have brought up... This question is like saying WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE BEST MEETS THE BEST? these type of questions are invalid because there can ONLY be ONE best. Therefore if an immovable object exists, then there cannot be an unstoppable force, OR, if an unstoppable force exists, there cannot be an immovable object... its either one or the other.
The answer is quite simple actually... If an unstoppable force exists, then an immovable object cannot exist, because it would be able to be moved by the unstoppable force, and vice versa. The question is based solely on logic; it is designed to play with the analytical side of one's brain. Only people who do NOT "think outside the box" will be hurting their brains trying to figure out a question that has no answer!!! And this is simply because if you have one (example immovable object), then you cant have the other (unstoppable force
seandogue4 years ago
Lol...classic paradoxical question (although I don't believe it to be paradoxical) Nothing. Or... the unstoppable force would simply change direction. No one ever said it couldn't change direction...
the_mad_man (author)  seandogue4 years ago
good point. never though it could bounce.
ANDY!4 years ago
or they can stop, and they can move.
ANDY!4 years ago
they cancel each other out. or miss each other.
Re-design4 years ago
Define your immovable force and immovable object. An the environment they are in.
Stew24 years ago
Chuck Norris moves the immovable object out of the way for the unstoppable force... Lol, sorry, I couldn't resist!

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