what if i replace 200v with 220uf capacitor with 200v with 270uf?

-max-9 months ago

It's almost certainly a filtering capacitor (to attenuate and reduce power supply ripple) and because big electrolytic capacitors have really poor tolerances (some as bad as +-80%!!!!) you'd be fine.

Depending on what you are doing fine to messed up.

DC power supply: it will work fine. Less ripple.

Filter: it will change the band pass or wave shape.

Oscillator: it can change the frequency or wave shape.

iceng9 months ago

The voltage is the same = Good and necessary.

The extra 50 uF capacitance is also = Good and improved for a filter capacitor.

If u want to read it Yes you can.

However if this capacitor is part of a RC timing circuit it will run slower and that means the time will run longer by the ratio of 27/20 = 1.35...


Couldn't say it any better, so I won't ;)