what is Rustoleum brand 3603 URT (ultimate repair tape) used for?

Was recently given a roll of ths tape that looks like carbon fiber with a thick adhesive on the back, maybe 3-4 ml in thickness.  It has a removable backing to prevent it from sticking to itself.  The roll itself is about 4" by 6'.  Was wondering if ti cures if exposed to sunlight, or if its meant to be impregnated with resin or not.  The weave of what I assume is carbon fiber is somewhat open, but that adhesive backing would stop complete penetration.  Heat set maybe.  Anyway, anyone have a clue that would be awesome.  Thanks. 

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orksecurity6 years ago
Apparently it's a withdrawn product, considering that there seems to be nothing on the web about it. I'd suggest contacting the company directly and asking them.
iminthebathroom (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
yes, was going to do that eventually. Just thought someone might have used it. I'll add a picture tomorrow. Normal internet trolling just came up with some msds info, but nothing too helpful.
76543216 years ago
I don't think ml is a measure of thickness.
"mils" (thousandths of an inch) are a unit of thickness. But shortening that to "ml" is confusing and almost certainly wrong.
The correct metric designation in this case is 3-4mm
iminthebathroom (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
whoops, correct, meant millimeters
Ohh, I thought he meant mL like milliliters
iminthebathroom (author)  76543216 years ago
sorry, typing with out thought will get you every time. I meant millimeters.