what is a fun, cheap project to do, if i am a tech noob?

I would love something that doesn't involve more than an hour or two, but is still enjoyable.

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google muahahaha
AndyGadget8 years ago
You're in exactly the right place to start! Click on any of the headings above which take your fancy (art, craft, food etc. . . ) and take it from there. Projects range from the ridiculously simple to complex masterpieces. Sorting by rating or number of views and looking at the comments will let you find the popular and worthwhile ones. Choose something you like and think you can handle and get building!
fwjs288 years ago
rickharris8 years ago
Find a suitable instructable - Drawing vibrating robots are fun.
TNEN8 years ago
All of my instructables are easy to do.

LED morse code

Solar garden light

Chips bag shrinkies v1

Chip bag bookmarks v2


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Atomman8 years ago
Try Decorating your computer by screwing off the front, drilling holes in it and installing blue or green LED lights. Or you could make a homemade Foot-Powered computer mouse (its shown on instructables.com!)