what is a good camera for documenting projects?

my current camera has auto focus and wont focus up close. what are some good cameras for close ups that are under 200$?

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Kiteman6 years ago
Look at your current camera's controls - is there not an option for "macro"?

It is usually indicated by an icon of a small flower. Some cameras have an extra-close macro option (or "super macro"), indicated by the same flower icon with a small magnifying glass over it.

macro icon.pngsuper-macro.gif
blkhawk6 years ago
Any digital camera with enough resolution will work nicely for you.
thegeeke6 years ago
Macros are life savers, but check to see if you have manual focus. If you do buy a new camera, don't buy a sony. They break the day after your warenty expires... ask me how I know that!!! :) I would probably go for a canon or nikon.
seandogue6 years ago
Even a cell phone like an Android or IPhone has a MACRO mode, which the mode one needs for close up photography.

MACRO is the key element in your search. My Android does a half decent job.

As an example, this photo is of a turn-of-the-century button, approximately 1" in diameter, that I dug up while installing my vegetable garden earlier this summer...no special lighting was used, just point and shoot.


Virtually every digicam with any sort of zoom/focus ability has a macro mode. It's the button/setting that looks like a flower and usually allows focusing between .5 and 30 centimeters.

Good lighting never hurt. In the absence of a spare lamp, use sunlight and/or reflectors.
oh, btw, if your camera is a film camera, you may simply need to purchase a macro lens. If not, well, as I said...
Re-design6 years ago
A camera you can afford. That is small enough that you will carry it to have when you need it. A digital camera is a must now. Macro is almost a standard and is a must for most purposes.