what is a good (mostly safe!) photoshop viewer?

i photoshop on school sometimes, and save the pictures to my USB stick. but i want to see them at home, without buying adobe photoshop. now, i know its just a google search away, but i dont really trust that (virusses, to say the least) so im looking for someone who has checked one, and can confirm its good... btw, im not into alot of options (no need) windows(XP) viewer has enough for me, so anything similar for photoshop will be enough :)

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RelaxedSoup8 years ago
I use a program called GIMP, it's a free, open source, and perfectly safe. It does everything Photoshop can do and more. It'll open Photoshop files as well (I haven't tested that though, so I might be wrong).
godofal (author)  RelaxedSoup8 years ago
i know that program, i use a portable version on my USB, but i didnt know it opens .psd files, il check it now, if it works, il download the full version ;) btw, the only thing about gimp is that its not as user friendly (in my opinion) as photoshop.
godofal (author)  godofal8 years ago
it works, at least for the portable version ;) going to download full version as soon as i get home! thnx for the help all!
spitz1233213 years ago

I Created a YouTube Video on How to Get Adobe Photoshop for Free Swear to God 100% No Viruses or Surveys it's at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Hw_f14on0

dynmorris5 years ago
You may recover corrupted photoshop file with the help of next tool Photoshop Repair Toolbox it must assist you to repair photoshop file
akrenvalk5 years ago
To open, view, scan, export, convert and repair .psd files of any version Photoshop I would advise you http://www.photoshop.fixtoolbox.com
Before I had photoshop, I used quicktime to view my PSDs.
seandogue8 years ago
I use Paint.net. It's free and it's pretty powerful. There are a lot of plugins available for it too.

it also has a similar feel overall, although there are subtle differences. I do almost all of my image editing in Paint.net these days, although I am familiar and comfortable working with Photoshop.
godofal (author)  seandogue8 years ago
why does your link give me a notepad++ screen?
Because I'm a majorly-doofus. I was using Notepad++ at the time and thoughtlessly linked to it instead of PAINT.NET..

that's http://www.getpaint.net/index.html


godofal (author)  seandogue8 years ago
k, thnx il check it out soon!
lemonie8 years ago
See them, what's wrong with Windows Picture and Fax viewer? Or do you want to do something other than see them?

godofal (author)  lemonie8 years ago
they dont show .psd files...
lemonie godofal8 years ago
Ah right. L
jtp1398 years ago
if you're just looking to view them at home and not alter them. Then save the file as a jpg. File>Save As then choose the file format under the file name. So instead of mypicture.psd it would be name mypicture.jpg
godofal (author)  jtp1398 years ago
i know, but i got alot of pictures im still working on, and saving them all as both isnt very handy on a USB stick (memory is big, but still not big enough)