what is a good way to cook beef heart, or heart in general?

Lftndbt8 years ago
Bring some water to the boil. Add vegetables. potatoe, carrot and seasoning etc. Reduce to simmer. Brown some onions in a pan of hot oil. Remove heart from pot after approx 15min, slice into thin strips and add to pan. Brown both sides. Make some gravy. Remove vegatables from pot and serve with slices and gravy. Enjoy ;) On a side note this method can be used for a variety of meats including corned beef. Yum!!
Fuzzyyyy8 years ago
Carefully remove outer membrane. Slice into stripe. Cook in skillet with butter and brown sugar. Alternately cook with butter and Marichino Cherry juice. Candied steak or beef heart is Wonderful.
randomhat8 years ago
Traditionally in Newfoundland, heart is cooked in a roaster, or in a pressure cooker.