what is a patch? by meaning that some one gave you a patch on instructables?

 um ... yeah

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orksecurity7 years ago
It means you amused or informed one of the pro or staff members enough that they felt like sending you an electronic "attaboy".

(I have two -- one for a creative reply-to-a-reply, which falls in the "amusing" category, and one for having accumulated a lot of Best Answer tags. That and a buck-fifty will buy ya a cup of coffee.)

A patch can get you a discount on coffee?
Sure, it's worth a whole $0.00 off. (Note that I said you still need the buck-fifty.)
Ha Ha! I meant where can you get a cup for a buck-fifty? We must be getting ripped off down here. :D
Donut shops still sell better coffee than Storeboughts, for less money...
lemonie7 years ago
It's a little picture that sits on your page. Being here a while I've got a few if you look:
They come with a message too.

acidbass7 years ago
 it is a gift from pro members and staff if you get one it means you have been recognized in a private way
lemonie7 years ago
And staff/robots can too.

DJ Radio7 years ago
A patch is something a pro member gives you.  They can give it to you for any reason they want.  These patches are viewable on your profile.  The most common use of a patch is a prize for a member-run contest.