what is a sear triger and why does everybody talk about it?

i don't know what a sear triger is and why is it so talked about and can someone give me a link to a good gun with a sear on it thanks

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A sear trigger is a mechanism that holds back the ram instead of blacking it. It’s so talked about because it’s rarely used. This is an example of a sear trigger. https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_commado_v1/
I still read that, but I even still don't understand the mechanism.
Ok, the mech is just a double ratchet that is connected by a few white rods.
umm i think the spiff has one and it works great
No, it uses a regular true trigger, not a sear.
no its not a normal treigger
it works exactly like a true trigger, just how it moves the block is different.
What's not a sear?
wait, what? I dont get it? man, im tired, and I screw up when im tired.
DJ Radio8 years ago
A sear trigger basically holds the pin back instead of blocking it. It is rare, but good if you can get it right. I made the last sear system gun myself 2 months ago. Other people who have made sear guns are: Bballkidx (2)- no original names for either, but innovative Mykhalio (1)- Shell gun Mepain (1)- Inferno MI6(1)- Desechos DJ Radio (1)- SR Commando v1.
Oh, and I forgot about Nova Hawk.
Defiantly ask Dj Radio.
Killersafecracker gave out the link, so I dont have to.