what is a simple way to make an cooling mechanism?

i want to make a simple cooling mechanism(not talking about a fan here) which is simple to build, as little mechanical(moving) parts as possible, i don't have a huge budget...

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ltnemo20006 years ago
submerge whatever you need to cool in mineral oil. get it at the hardware store. it's cheap and won't conduct electricity. heat on the other hand, will be convected away wonderfully.
An Villain7 years ago
put it in the refrigerator.
A Peltier cooler is a very neat invention, but for many applications it's still far too complicated. (You need a properly attached and sufficiently large heat sink and perhaps a fan.)

Instead, I suggest you take a look at evaporative cooling. You can buy polyacrylate powder on Ebay for $1.31/oz or less, or even use something as simple as moist sand or a wet towel.
aaon8 years ago
Peltier Module a heat sink and some power (eg 9v battery)
ReCreate8 years ago
What are you trying to cool? If it is a Processor then you would need something not too wide and tall, if you where cooling some building you would need something else...
CrawdadMan8 years ago
Are you trying to cool your house or an engine?