what is a slovent solution thingy ma bobey?

(for science exam)

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islaw rocks8 years ago
the solute , solvent and the solution is the liquid , solid and the answer 
seandogue8 years ago
Wahdders a solvent thingy. Soes alcohol. Nitric acids a solvent thingy two. Wut melts in a lickwid? thaz a solvent thingy. the lickwid i means

Sorry for the lame English. I figure you'll unnerstan it bedder if I write like you does bobey.
 I bet even with all the great answers you didn't pass your exam.
frollard8 years ago
The sol-vent is the thing that lets the sols vent out of some type of container.
no offence intended ,  but ,  have you tried readin' yer text books ?
Re-design8 years ago
It's the stuff that makes the gukem puckey not stickamy any more.