what is an orange board?

I just have been stareing at the words "orangeboard" on my account for the past five minutes, so if anyone has a quick answer to this question, I would be very grateful.

kelseymh5 years ago
What frollard said, the name is a pun on "whiteboard" or "blackboard."

In practical terms, the Orangeboard in your account is a public, visible, message center. People can post comments which are directed at you (rather than some forum topic or Instructable you've written). Those comments are visible and can be replied to by you or anyone else just like a forum.
Baby2Sleep1 year ago
Did anyone figure this out yet? Great question! I have been wondering for weeks now - lol.
CJR21151 year ago
How do u get to it
Thanks I see the orangeboard in my profile had no idea what it was for. They really should put this in a pop up message for when you roll the mouse over the word or when you right click it. (^_^)
frollard5 years ago
It's like a whiteboard...but this is instructables, so its orange.