what is ingredients of coolant?

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Koenigcnc6 months ago
Most modern coolants for general purpose are water soluable oil. The are easier to use and less damageing to environment. An examable would be valcool but their are many water based coolants available
VukM (author) 8 months ago

is it oil

randofo VukM8 months ago

Typically it is an oil.

Coolant for what? Some rocket motors use liquid hydrogen, piston engines can use ethylene glycol, water, corrosion inhibitors etc., and how come you, living in the 22nd century, have failed to state, what it is that you want to cool OR cool and lubricate, and apparently you have made NO effort to look up what is available - nor to look at what the ingredients list contains, or the material safety sheet..... Instead your imposing your lack of willingness to find out anything or do anything onto others... Why?