what is the best fire starter?

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An Villain8 years ago
gasoline and a flamethrower, (i can show you how to make one if you like.)
lobo_pal8 years ago
This is a link to buy Swedish Firesteel. By far the best fire starter. If you combine it with black powder or another weak explosive then you can really get it started.
Try using two of my instructables.
sarge89or8 years ago
Fire steel Fire piston Flint and steel are all good for starting fires depending on the situation and all can be carried about airplane while matches and lighters can not. They take up almost no space and can be carried in your pocket at all times. They can also be used with whatever tinder is available. There is no one best fire starter for all situations. All the above can be used even when wet.
sharlston8 years ago
i always used lighter gel in egg cartons
superitchy8 years ago
The best fire starter I have ever used was egg cartons suffed with lint. You stuff the carton with dryer lint and then drizzle melted candle wax over the lint. Cut the carton into each 'egg' section, and burn. They last a long time and light very quickly.
Bookdemon8 years ago
Dryer lint !
Cotton ball smeared with vaseline works great or shredded jute twine both will ignite with one spark charcloth is good if its windy
Dry newspaper and stale cornchips. Just one chip, sparked from a lighter, will get your paper going. If not, try another. It's the corn oil and airy-fried crispy-goodness that burns so well. And HOT! Look for compression type fire starter directions. A little shredded ball of that bark inside a small plunger-in-cylinder arrangement will burn instantly if you make it right. In REAL emergency, a tad bit of old tranny fluid from the trunk of your car(or from underneath, lol) burns like heckfire and smells as sweet.
Birch bark with magnesium shavings. Newspaper.
blow torch
orksecurity8 years ago
Depends on your definition of "best"... and of "fire starter". My favorite kindling was always white-birch bark (from fallen branches; don't kill the tree!). It contains a flammable oil and will light easily and burn even when wet. I've been told that there's another variety of birch (river birch) which has a similar oil in the wood itself... but it doesn't grow in the areas where I was camping.