what is the best method of winding a magnetic pic up coil?

Build yourself a winding machine, we used to use Erector/Meccanno. Don't try and run the wire off the reel by pulling the reel around, the wire will just snap. You need to make a vertical stand for the reel, with a "spinner" that takes the wire off over the end of the reel. I'll try and post a picture of our winder at work later, so you can see how it works.
spater (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Thanks for the reply it sounds interesting,
spater (author) 7 years ago
ive thougt about what you said , with the wire being pulled of the reel sort of like a single phase welder but a bit faster . with the other motor fully adjustable to the speed of reel as it loads the coil
No, NOT like a welder - I'll get you a picture - over the EDGE of the reel, because pickup wire is way too thin to pull on Steve