what is the best nerf gun in range?

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Hadley264 years ago
Ok, so take this from a pro:
1. The best range would be from a MODDED Nerf Nite Finder
2. This can reach 300 Feet with a CO2 tank, or 160 with a removed AR and an INDUSTRIAL spring
3. And last, fill the tips of your bullets with HOT GLUE or they spin out at high speeds
matt17957 years ago
ive also seen one guy geet the titan to go 230 feet modded
matt17957 years ago
dude its tottaly the nerf titan cause one guy modded it to use darts and it went 150 feet. its even banned in nerf wars!!! ITS MIND BOGGLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get the strike fire its shoots roughly 40 feet unmodded and if you do mod it (add an o ring maybe a spring and drill/take out the ar)it goes roughly about 70 or 80 feet
~KGB~7 years ago
take out the air restrictor of your gun!
geek278 years ago
zxxz is definitely correct. The Nerf Titan can achieve the best ranges when modified to shoot darts and not the large missile it comes with. If you are referring to unmodded Nerf guns (also called "stock" Nerf guns) I'd guess that the Titan still has the best range. You see, mostly every Nerf gun that fires darts gets around 20-30 feet. The Titan can achieve more. However, when Nerf guns are modified, their ranges can vary. However, if you modify the incredibly powerful Nerf Titan to shoot darts, it can achieve very, very high ranges.

Here is a link to a Titan modification

And here is a link to a barrel modification (pictures do not work, unfortunately)

This is what a Nerf Titan looks like, by the way:

Nerf Titan.jpg
I think that the Titan definitely has the longest range considering I have one that I modded so it can fire darts and it got around 200 feet one time
zxxz8 years ago
The titan gets the best range for a nerf gun, but homemades get better ranges.
i think that the longshot is best but if you get it with the recon you 'll have two great interchangeable guns
maxxxem8 years ago
go home made I made an PVC airgun that gets 100-200 ft accurate i hit my friend in the lip and he was bleeding!!!omg If you dont want pvc ****i think that the dart tag pistol gets better range than the LS Modded BBB is good too
chopstx8 years ago
unlike some people, i don't think the longshot is the best. i personally think the recon cs-6 is great.