what is the best primary pistol ?

for a knex war thats not oddammo

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~KGB~7 years ago
tds2! although oodammo goes like triple the range...
TheDunkis7 years ago
That isn't oodammo? Why? That's quite a stretch. I could make a weapon based on the oodassault that doesn't use oodammo. Otherwise because oodammo is pretty much standard these days we don't really have any good pistols. IaC's Spiff was the most popular if I recall from before oodammo became popular but it's mostly obsolete now.
the reason i don't like oddammo is because i lose the ammo so easily and for me every odammo gun ive built has been absolutly horribal. the only other oddammo gun id build is your folding repeting gun but theres no instructions and the gun based off of the oddassault isnt a bad idea
All other forms of ammo are just as easy to lose. Oodammo is actually easier to spot because it has two different colors and is more three dimensional. Have you built the oodassault 3.6/.7? The 3.7 worked flawlessly both times I built it. I didn't post instructions for it but I made a forum which described each update I made.
uh not yet becuse ive never had the peices but my friend is letting me use his so i might try it and dude u should definatly post that f.m.g
p.s. it would basicly be a USP .45 if its based off of the oddassault i just noticed that XD
Re-design7 years ago
We don't allow pistols in primary school around here.
wtf what are you talking about
Oh non-K'nexers like to fool around and play jokes on our questions without actually be helpful which is kind of ironic seeing how most would see us as the immature ones most of the time. They were basically joking about how you put "primary" in your topic even though primary isn't primarily linked to primary school. tl;dr poor humor, don't mind it.
lool thanks