what is the best way to get rid of crabgrass in my lawn?

unarat8 years ago
Use corn gluten, (about)10 lbs per 100 sq foot. Once in the early Spring and once late Summer.
bowmaster8 years ago
Air strike. Gets rid of EVERYTHING in your lawn.
jtobako8 years ago
Bulldozer and asphalt : ) With as many different types of soil and range of climates, your best bet is to ask the local agricultural college for advice. That or your nearest small hardware store-they're more likely to have someone who knows what they're talking about than, say, wally world. And you can be specific if, say, you want to avoid chemicals or end up needing seed/sod/local landscaping recommendations.
The quick answer: a thick layer of mulch.

Crabgrass uses a type of photosynthesis called C4. This means that it is tougher than any of your other common lawn or garden plants, with the possible exception of cacti.

It is possible to keep your lawn too dark, moist, and rich in nitrogen for crabgrass and to buy weed killers that are more toxic to C4 plants than to others. However, this seems to me like a losing battle that merely soaks up your time and money.

If your choice of lawn covering is not appropriate for your area, the result is something like keeping your pampered pet chihuahua in an enclosure with a pack of ravenous wild wolves. You can try it if you really want to, but the moment your attention wavers, those wolves are going to win. In this situation, it's better to have a pet bear- that is, an organism that can out-compete the undesirable species without your assistance.

Grass alternatives like white clover can provide an inexpensive and attractive green lawn. Many other perennial ground covers exist; pick the right one for your area, and your lawn could largely maintain itself.