what is the best way to learn about makeup tattoo-ing?

I got my eyebrows done a few  years ago, and I've  LOVED them ever since.  but Now they are showing signs of age, with fade and the ink color turning pinkish.  so, i saved the money, (it's not cheap!) and i went in for a 'touch up', I WAS NOT SATISFIED.  All the guy had to do, was color in what was already drawn!  well, the ink FELL OUT, a week later.  when i returned, seeking resolution, they guy wanted MORE cash, to get the "better ink", which really rubbed me the wrong way, so to speak,...  anyway, in light of this, i was wondering if it would be just as much trouble to do it myself. 

I think the equipment would be too expensive and not worth it unless you were going to become a tattoo artist, and since you'd have to do it in a mirror, it might be tricky with the possibility of horrible consequences.  Tattoo artists spend a lot of time practicing before moving on to actual human flesh.  You could try prison-style tattooing with a DIY tattoo gun, but I'm pretty sure you'd need another person to do that for something on your face and if it gets messed up, well, it's on your face.  I don't think I'd recommend it.  I'd probably find a new tattoo artist through reliable recommendations.
wickedsmilee (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
as far as the price, a couple sessions is the same price as a new gun, sample ink, and needle kit.   this leads me to wonder about the courses to become certified, and go into this field myself!  hmmm 

thank you for your insight!
Marsh8 years ago
Go to an actual tattoo artist, not a cosmetology major. tell them what happened and they can fix you up. Sadly, you're going to kick yourself at the difference in price.
wickedsmilee (author)  Marsh8 years ago

i did this, only to find out that a "real" tattoo artist cannot perform the procedure.  i suppose if i wanted a skull on my forehead, they'd accomodate me, but as far as asking for their expertise in eyebrows, they cant by law.  it's a different gun, and requires special training. thanks tho!