what is the best way to make an induction charging system?

using Neodymium magnets on the spokes of a bicycle rim, and coil around both forks.

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Alanclark1966 (author) 5 years ago
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Re-design5 years ago
The more turns on the magnet the higher the voltage.
The more magnets the higher the voltage.
The closet the coil to the magnets the higher the voltage.
The stronger the magnetic field the higher the voltage.

All the magnets on the same side need to face the same way.
The more power taken from the coils the more power it will take to peddle it.  It's possible to make it so hard to peddle that you can't.

Have fun.
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The laws of awesome...

Just to confirm with asker:
The 'flats' of the coils have to be facing the wheel, and will only be just larger than the magnets - you don't have a coil the size of the bike tire "and coil around both forks"...
Alanclark1966 (author)  frollard5 years ago
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MMm. No, put the magnets so the poles alternate, and you have more flux change.
duh...your write,
handy laws for current?
frollard quatch5 years ago
laws for electromagnetic induction

More magnet/closer magnet = more amps
more coils/faster magnet = more volts.