what is the best way to make and hide a homemade tattoo?

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takn373 years ago


frenzy7 years ago
I just finished this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Tattoos-Stick-n-Poke/
mikeasaurus8 years ago
The only way to hide a tattoo is to cover it with a bigger tattoo.

Everyone is better off with fake-tattoos anyways, they never get old and will make almost anyone smile!
Re-design8 years ago
Make a fake one.  That way you don't have to hide it.  WHen your parents see it and totally freak out, you can say "it washes off".  When your friends point out that it's misspelled or is the Chinese symbol for "soup", you can change it.  A fake one is much less likely to get infected and become a huge ugly scar totally obliterating the fact that there ever was a tatoo there.  Plus a fake one will not still be there in 10 or 15 years when you finally get a degree and go in for that great interview for your dream job and are laughed out of the room by the interviewer when he reads your tatoo that says something stupid like "Bite my shorts!".

No matter how clever you think your idea for a permanent tatoo is, in 10 years it won't be but you'll still have it.
not all tattoos are regrets... 
 but diy tattoos have nobody to sue for screwing up.
aw why would u sue someone for making a mistake??? they could probably fix it if it wasn't too bad 
letapjar8 years ago
If you want to try a semi-permaent one you could use henna.  Mix up the paste, make a cone funnels by snipping the end of a plastic bag and write out your design.  YOu have to let the paste dry out and stay on for ~4-8hrs to get the best color - it will wash out over 2-3 weeks.
i suggest you don't..... i tried when i was like 12 years old to give myself a star on my hip..... using a saftey pin and ink from a pen. i have a scar there now that is slightly black and it looks horrible.  get ift done professionally 
Good point.
Kiteman8 years ago
Give her jewellery instead.
lemonie8 years ago
Use someone else's skin.

Go out and buy real tattooing supplies including a the gun, needles, ink, etc.  Take some time to read up on it and if your region requires a license, take a class and get one.

Then give yourself a tattoo in a place nobody will see.  This negates the purpose of a tattoo but you'll have one.

You're better off waiting until you have a measure of independence and maturity and can make your own decision.
paganwonder8 years ago
Tattoos-"A PERMANANT reminder of a temporary feeling"   The reminder could well be the limb that you are missing because of the flesh eating staph infection you gave yourself trying this.  Go with the temporary tattoo- your feelings and your tastes will change as time goes by and you can experiment with different ideas/looks- so called fake tattoos can last quite a while- I'm thinking of henna tattoos.
I've been a registered nurse for a long time and have seen some horrendous things people do to themselves that they regret.