what is the best way to produce a fall in a wetroom floor?

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What's the floor substrate ? Wood or concrete ? The usual method is to apply a good membrane/tanking layer, then a layer of cement, made with as little water as possible.

The magazine "Fine Homebuilding" has run several articles on building wetrooms - look at their website via http://www.taunton.com
Now I understand the question and see that it is not a practical joke question.

Good suggestion.
Koosie8 years ago
Soap will work but too easily washed off.  A good oily substance like diesel or cooking oil would "last" longer and is slippery as hell.
lemonie8 years ago
Do you want money or a laugh?

Putting it another way: Do you want to sue, or be sued?
Well aye. I think of soap,
but then I think about picking it up...
Sandisk1duo8 years ago