what is the best way to put an image on a blank guitar pick?

I have a white guitar pick and i would like to put a symbol on it, I'm a huge fan of Assassins Creed and i would like to put the assassins symbol on it, i was wondering what the best way to do that would be. Also if someone knows of a site or something that has things relating to assassins creed i would love to know, thanks in advance.

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Re-design7 years ago
Draw it on with a "Sharpie" pen. it's almost permanent.
Dr. Pepper7 years ago
A laser engraver? This method? This? Does this help?
Burf7 years ago
caarntedd Burf7 years ago
orksecurity7 years ago
Most of the easy ones will wear off entirely too quickly, given sweat and friction.. You really want to print this the way the better keyboards print their keys, embedding/infusing the ink into the plastic.
coldpsyco91 (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
how would i do that?, are there instructables for it?