what is the bolt action mechanisim?

making a gun

This animation should explain everything.


Also I highly recommend the iphone app, Gun disassembly, which is free and allows you to explore every part of a gun in 3D.

TheDunkis5 years ago
Bolt action chambering was the first and is still the most popular form of "chambering" a round. Chambering a round, as far as K'nex gunning goes, is when a round is loaded into the barrel separate from the magazine or wherever it was stored. This is done to give a repeater more range.

Specifically, the bolt action chambering method uses a second "barrel" per se where the rounds load. A bolt is pulled back which has a bolt pin in the second barrel. This lets a round into it, and then it cocks the main barrel pin. When you push the bolt back, the bolt pin forces a round forward, up a ramp, and then into the barrel.


That's probably the most popular example.