what is the longest range knex gun on this site ?

what is the longest range knex gun on this site ?

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slimshaddy6 years ago
knex tr18 or br8 with finned ammo shoot 350 or 400 ft with 4 #64 bands.
101man8 years ago
GORKEM'S KNEX SNIPER RIFLE by far there is vidio footage of its power
DJ Radio 101man8 years ago
Gorkem cheated because he sharpened the rods.
101man DJ Radio8 years ago
good point
Jesus. 101man8 years ago
no not even close
Jesus. 101man8 years ago
can it shoot 500 feet??
shawbob6 years ago
you can work it out if they are telling the truth with the right formula, im sorry i dont know what it is but here are the essential stats needed to work it out. (assuming they are firing for max distance =45degrees)

-the trajectory (45degrees)
-projectile/bullet mass (lowneys bullet was about 4grams)
-total distance covered by projectile/range (claimed 500ft)
-initial velocity of projectile/muzzle velocity (what we want to find out)

Ignoring air resistance on the bullet and from what height it is shot from we about work out the initial velocity of projectile/muzzle velocity needed to acheive the claimed range and if this range is realistic of exaggerated.

PS If you know this formula please reply
Even though I think the 450 feet claimed by benfoxg and silent assasin is quite over blown, this is most likely the longest range gun on this site, because the sr-v2 has a shorter barrel, and uses less rubberbands. Lowneys video is obviousley a fake because 1 you COULD NOT FIND the knex in a neighborhood like that, 2 because he could have easily put the knex right there and faked the whole video. the problem with these claims is that, none of them have a confirmed range, their creators just overestimate the distance.
DJ Radio8 years ago
the SR-v2 claims 500 feet, but I cant really believe any gun that shoots over 150 feet without video proof. The farthest shooting gun that has video proof is Killerk's first pistol.
NYPA DJ Radio8 years ago
it has video proof.
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
I didnt see the vid when I posted the comment.
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
It is reported by benfoxg that his Raptor can shoot 450 feet. There is no actual video for proof, but I believe him. All you have to do is use the right mechanism and make the barrel for the slingshot as long as possible.
He made it shoot a lot more than 450 feet. But he cheated....
I thought he used rocket fuel to shoot it 100 feet.
that was a typo.
Good.... A rocket by itself can go more than 100...lol
Did he use explosives?
That was silentassassin 21 who said that, not benfoxg. and the SR-v2 still shoots farther.
Master_Zane8 years ago
I would say either I_am_canadians Cannon, Wicky's Reaper or Blockhead crossbow, or Viccie B. 1993's H.A.W.C.
SR v2 shoots 500 feet and it also has a video from someone who built it too.
murraylp28 years ago
i have seen a video of the sr-v2 firing it went miles but when he fired it 500 feet it was out a window here is the video https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/
invalid movie: https://www.instructables.com/id/SR_V2/

bestknex8 years ago
A think 500 fat but i don't belive it :videoproof
sorry feet