what is the need of air compressor?

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Toga_Dan9 days ago

air cannons.

Scuba tank filling.

iceng10 days ago

Plasma metal cutter needs a a bit of pressurized gas to push ions out the nozzle and the other three presented by Rick, Bwrussell and Seandogue..

But because your name sounds feminine there is the fine air spray paint aspect that ma be your main

rickharris10 days ago

driving my airbrush, inflating, running air tools. Hard to say but if you don't know what one can do, do you really need one.

bwrussell10 days ago

I use mine most for filling car tires and for running finish nail guns while putting up trim.

seandogue10 days ago

for blowing dust, etc off things, for powering pneumatic tools like air hammers, wrenches, chisels, paint guns, and for inflating things.