what is the output voltage of 100 watts with 40khz frequency and 220 input voltage generator of home made ulta cleaner?

home made ultrsonic cleaner sounds good.for this system that is 100 watts and 40khz with 220 input voltage and two 50 watts transducers which are connected to them,so what is the output voltage of generator?

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iceng7 months ago

If you are reporting correctly. Perhaps you do not understand ultrasonic cleaners do not clean with a voltage but with mechanical cavitation energy equal to 50 watts per the magnetic transducer..

mehran1376 (author)  iceng7 months ago

for designing a generator it needs to know the output voltage of generator

iceng mehran13767 months ago

Ultrasonic circuit


The voltage the transducer needs will be specified by the manufacturer of the device...

steveastrouk7 months ago

Sorry, not enough information to answer the question. How efficient is your transducer ? What's its performance characteristics ? Most ultrasonics are quite high volts on the transducer.

w9sz7 months ago

Do you have a link to the ultrasonic cleaner you're interested in building?

mehran1376 (author)  w9sz7 months ago

yeh.i am making one but i dont know the output voltage of 100 watts generator with 40 khz