what is the speed of dark?


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Laserman5957 years ago
about    -186000 miles per second  
This is the correct answer.
+1 or -1.
Agreed. Speed of dark is the speed at which you run out of light, which is the speed of light.

Of course, this is ignoring the question of "In what medium". Free-space speed of light is different from speed in glass, or water, or other materials. (Air doesn't affect it much.) I *seem* to remember that this is related to the dielectric constant of the material, but don't hold me to that one.
Right.  The speed of dark is the same speed as the speed of light, for whatever the given medium might be. 

Similarly, the speed of silence is the same speed as the speed of sound, again, in the specified medium through which the sound, or absence of sound, is traveling.
And the speed of cold is the same as the speed of heat.
Permittivity and permeability: Its one of those magic moments in EE school when you spend two hours deriving it all from first principles, and the answer drops out, just before the end of the exam.
c = 1/√εμ
Thanks. It's been too long; all of that is thoroughly swapped out. (I suspect I could recover it fairly quickly if I needed to by digging into the books, but... well, there are reasons my career drifted back to software.)
Kiteman7 years ago
It is an established fact that dark moves very slightly faster than light - no matter where you shine your light, the darkness was their first.

jtobako Kiteman7 years ago
I thought that darkness was slightly slower than light, cause it only gets there AFTER the light leaves.
Kiteman jtobako7 years ago
It's sneaky - it gets there first, hides while the light is about, then comes out again as soon as the light is gone.
seandogue7 years ago
Are you looking for the most clever misinformation or an accurate answer?
jimc45677 years ago
 I pretty sure light moves, but darkness doesn't, just like sound moves, and silence doesn't. 
zascecs7 years ago
Darkness is the absence of light; it is always present everywhere, just that light will take its place...
...meaning, it has no speed.
my gut says correct. or zero, whichever comes first
Its 42. pretty much un-debatable.
yokozuna7 years ago
Below, you'll see the two conventional wisdom answers, with a third being darkness (d) being d = SQRT (e/m) +1.  However, what the government won't tell you, the real answer depends on the ninja's motivation, and is therefore variable.