what is the weirdest thing you have ever done with fire?

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I put alot of axe into a 2 liter bottle and lite it, and discoverd that if you tip it over the flame some how pulls in alot of oxegen and the small fire became and sounded like a jet engine. no thrust but very wierd the see unexpectedly ive also took a ping pong ball and coverd it in rubbing alchohol and tryed playing in the dark with it. doesnt work well, you cant hit it too fast or goes out, play too long and it ether starts to melt the ball or just goes out. Too much effort. One thing that does work is wrap a marble in several layers of cotten cloth and sew it together best ya can and put rubbing alchohol on it and light it. you can pass back and forth with tenis rackets. use metal wire.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
i burned down the Police shooting range when I was 10.
GnomeMaster (author)  Dr.Bill8 years ago
...uuuummmmm......... creepy......
sharlston8 years ago
i used to throw random things in a fire then go get them and do it again till they are burnt to ash
orksecurity8 years ago
I've also done a "viking burial" raft, though ours was for a bat... But the weirdest thing was some experimentation with trying to maintain a flame floating in mid-air using an alcohol mist as the fuel. Nice effect, though I never figured out how to keep it stable for long. Obviously this is a somewhat risky endeavor; if you want to try it, do so with all appropriate precautions; I accept no responsibility for the results.
Rainh2o8 years ago
Poured some gasoline out on the water from a boat, and lit it. Looked cool from the shore since gas floats and burns nicley but when it flared up and engulfed the boat, that was not pretty, from the boat anyhow...
Made a raft with wood, placed our newly found dead squrrel on it, piled up tons of birch bark and kindleling, pushed it out into the lake and lit it, and watched our floating crematorium sink.
GnomeMaster (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
OKAY that is just a little bit creepy