what is this electronical component i have found?

I've found a blue thing in an old electric piano
it has two legs written on it 10nJ+   -100V

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appolo6 years ago
Electrolytic capacitors have a polarity (+) side marking the correct polarity for circuit assembly, or a -ve line down one side. Does it have any manufactures identity... and what is it's dimensions?
top.boy (author)  appolo6 years ago
about 1/2 cm x 1/2cm and it's square
appolo top.boy6 years ago
The fact that it's square rules out a capacitor... David 97 identified it as an inductor so could well be correct, the data sheet he located shows it as a "chip" component and would have no connecting wires... being a surface mounted componenent and soldered dircectly to the pads of the printed circuit board and not inserted via wires and soldered on the reverse side of the board.
I'm also thrown by the 100v and + markings though!! If you have access to a multimeter and check for continuity across it's legs, then expect a fairly low resistance reading to prove the point.
appolo6 years ago
I would suggest it is a capacitor 10n = (10 nano farad or 0,01uf) J = 5% tolerence
and 100v = it's working voltage. The plus and minus signs are it's polarity markings.
top.boy (author)  appolo6 years ago
it's not a minus it's just a dash
David976 years ago
Here is the datasheet. It says it is a wound chip inductor
In case anyone else does a doubletake: That's wound as in "wrapped", not wound as in "injury".