what is this i found it at an yard sale and though it looked cool?

  i don't know what it is but if you can help me find out it will be greatly appreciated  got it from an old military guy selling stuff on the side of the rode and he said he made it but he did not remember what it was made form an old fishing box thanks agine

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My guess is this some sort of microwave receiving horn and downconverter.  Also guessing that it was wired up in that tool box to function as some sort of portable signal strength meter.

Of course that's just speculation.

I suggest looking more closely at the device with the horn on it, and seeing if you can find some writing on it, a part number, a frequency, or the name of a manufacturer.  At least that way you could maybe look it up via internet search.

I also suggest taking some better pictures of it, that way if you need to disconnect any wires, for example to see the underside of it and check for writing there, that way you can use the pictures as a reference to put it back together again, if desired.
zgordon3 (author)  Jack A Lopez6 years ago
thanks guy just asking and i still think that it is a bad idea to play with[i had turned it on after i posted it plugs in a car siggeret plug but i insenly stared to feel bad that is why i have int posted back sorry
iceng6 years ago
Looks like a microwave transmitting horn.

The uA meter is probably a rectified signal strength indicator.

The switch could be a range or conversion selector.

jrh065 iceng6 years ago
Hmm, if so would that make it a radar jammer?
iceng jrh0656 years ago
Definite possibility, but kind of old.
zgordon3 (author) 6 years ago
hey it is me i for got to say that is says microampers on it's meter thing sorry