what is this used for?

my dvd drive is sticking, and i was wondering if it could be getting stuck on that thing? if i removed that would it help?


Picture of what is this used for?
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frollard7 years ago
Joe martin has the correct answer.  a pin which slides only left right (with regard to the orientation of the picture) is hit by the incoming drive tray, and is forced to slide sideways to the right (as the tray closes 'down' in this picture).

From there on, only the mechanism that moves the pin to the left can open the drive, because just pulling the drive open (up in the picture) won't budge since the pin is trapped in the groove.  The mechanism moves the pin to the left to unlock the drive, then the drive can start to move.

Coincidentally the manual eject pinhole button pushes this mechanism to the side to get the process started
***and YES this is what the drive is sticking on.

The same motor assembly has a small window of time to move the pin sideways before the tray starts to move.  What I suspect happened is the drive got forced one time and it skipped a few gear teeth such that now it doesnt have enough lead-time to move the pin before the drive starts to move.  If the drive jams against the pin, it doesn't have the strength to move the pin sideways.

Reason for the whole thing:  DVDs etc are not very tolerant of their tray being ejected with a 20-80km/hr piece of plastic spinning overhead ramming into stuff. it wrecks them good, real good - thus this little invention.  If you take it off, then user beware :D
Joe Martin7 years ago
That part keeps the drive shut, when the drawer goes in a pin slides into the front of the slot and goes round to the end of it holding the drawer in place.

It's quite hard to explain so I expect that to make no sense at all so watch it for yourself, pull the drive open and shut and you will see how that bit works.
karnuvap7 years ago
Try it!
The drive is borked anyway - you can't make it worse and taking it out might reveal what it is there for.

Just don't try it with a DVD that you value.

Just in case.

The Vap.
orksecurity7 years ago
I can't even guess without more context... but generally, if they went to the trouble of molding a complex shape into a part, there's a good reason it's there.
Re-design7 years ago
It has some purpose, they (the builders of the drive) don't usually add parts features etc. that don't do anything.  It might be an unused feature that is not implemented on this model though.  I doubt that removing it would fix your dvd.

Focus more on finding out exactly what it is sticking on.

Does is stick partially open?
Does it stick opening or closing or both?