what is use of arc reactor?

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jeff-o7 years ago
I ripped out the wimpy 3.2L engine from my Chevy Venture and replaced it with an arc reactor. I'm getting craaaaazy MPG now!
zero over zero, huh?
Nothing, it is just a nice looking prop for fans of the Iron Man franchise.
I use mine to power my house. It runs the light, the fridge, TV, computer, stuff like that. I know that's not as glamorous as something like a flying suit of armor that could be used for fighting crime, but well, it beats paying an electric bill every month.
Hey, great idea. I've just been using mine to power the propulsion and weapons systems on my transformable giant robot/hovertank. But the wife has been complaining that I spend too much time outside the solar system, so I think your idea is much better.
My ipod battery went out years ago. And you know how hard those things are to replace so I put a minature arec reactor in mine and just never bother to turn it off.
lemonie7 years ago

arc furnace?