what kind of attachments would be helpful for people in electric wheel chairs ?

im open to any ideas that would be helpfull

kevinhannan6 years ago
I just saw the Q was for an electric chair - in that case I's suggest a boogie-board attcahed on the back for a ride. The other idea is body-shell kits (plastic, cardboard, etc) that can be made like fire-engines, prestige cars, etc for kids.
kevinhannan6 years ago
As a guy who has spent *years* with people with disabilities - anything that makes bigoted people disappear will be a boon and welcomed by all except the bigots. The flip-side is a kill-switch that anybody can use for when a wheelchair-user uses their chair as a weapon to ram perfectly innocent people and cause pretty serious injury just cos the wheelchair user was mad that day.

A previous answer was great in saying to ask the users, but there is another group of people who 'use' the chairs even though they are not sitting in them.

To this end, you can make an electric traction unit board that can be attached to the back of a chair so that the careworker can use the unit to push heavy wheelchair users up hills etc. Even pushing a 20 stone person up a gentle gradient is really tiring. You can even design the traction unit so that the careworker can also stand on it for a ride. The controls can be temporairly clipped to the chairs handles for maximum safety, security and grip. Be aware that there are laws pertaining to this kind of pedestrian-based (vehicular) motion but I'm not getting into those now.
kelseymh6 years ago
The ones which the particular wheelchair user you're talking to wants. Creating some adaptive technology and trying to impose it upon the community is not going to be received well.

If you're looking for a project for a class, or just because you want to contribute, then alk to wheelchair users and find out what they want.

If you don't know anyone who uses a wheelchair, contact your community's local Independent Living Center, explain what you're interested in doing, and see how they can hook you up.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
  • diabolical claw
  • prosthetic hand with palm out for drive-by high fives
  • lance
  • umbrella holder
  • laser pointer
  • party cooler
  • laptop / ipad stand
  • police lights (and siren)
  • small flat work surface
  • beverage holder
  • suggestion box
  • velcro surface to stick things to
  • fanny pack / knapsack
  • sharpie holder
  • table vice
  • collapsible Gin Rummy table
  • Pez dispenser