what kind of gift can i give to my girlfriend the first month we've been together?

what kind of details can i give her

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Bridget221 year ago
Give her a funny cartoon from her
photo. It's always nice and original I guess. I like such gifts, my
boyfriend gave me my portrait on my Birthday) So, if you need here's
the website where he ordered: https://www.photolamus.com/
abbytex8 years ago
I'll never forget that a high school boyfriend took the time to create from scratch a simple, lovely colored cardboard box, lined it with fabric and put a daisy in it and put it in my mailbox for me to find! (As the others mentioned, wait a while for roses!)
From another female point of view canida is so right . You want to give them something that show s you notice what she says and does. Cooking might not be necessary just do something she'll remember. GOOD LUCK!!
Z..8 years ago
Flowers. They can be brought to a first date;-any date. Avoid red roses at this stage, but a few roses in different colours are good. Or any kind. If your budget is low, then make up a small bunch of wild flowers.
canida8 years ago
As a female, I'd suggest something very small - a "look, I noticed" kind of gift that won't make her feel bad if she didn't do the same for you. Go something together (that's much better than giving her things) and maybe include some sort of food or a (SINGLE!) flower. Bonus points if you MAKE her food, actually. Check out the food section of Instructables for some easy cookies and chocolates, or make her dinner. ;)
Don't get anything to big. ITS ONLY A MONTH! But if you have to get something then get something small. maybe some chocolate or something. after a year or her birthday is when you can break out the rings and necklaces.
yo man8 years ago
a car or some food