what kind of guy cheats on his babymama when she's with him?


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Cheating on Baby Mamma? Come on they will cheat on a girl when they are on their death bed.

Cheating while wife battles cancer

orksecurity8 years ago
... The same kind of guy who uses the term "babymama"? (OK, I'm from the wrong subculture, but I always have trouble hearing that one as respectful.)
jtobako8 years ago
You just said it. Not father, not husband, not even boyfriend. He's a sperm donor, she's a booty call. Aint nuthin gunna change that.
psymansays8 years ago
Sounds like a guy who's not at all mature enough to be a good father in the first place.
lemonie8 years ago
Someone who really doesn't like to lose at card/board games. L
HA - Best Answer! Best Answer!
Bartboy8 years ago
A bad one?
Kiteman8 years ago
First thing - are you really sure it happened?