what kind of nitro fuel is best for a nitro powered rc car?

Nitro radio control car

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lemonie7 years ago

Well, logic says it's 100% nitromethane.

.  Dragsters run about 85% nitro (balance methanol).
.  Model airplane engines run 10-40% nitro (10-20% is common for hobby engines) with 10-25% lubricants (eg, castor oil). Can't recall if they use methanol for the balance or not.
.  Or at least that's how it was 20-30 years ago when I kept up with such things. Figures should still be in the ballpark except for maybe lubricants.

Here we're talking about blends /mixes, what you use depends on what you've got - and we don't know what that is really...

I'd say...Powerthirst! ;)
In general use an rc car fuel with between 10% and 20% nitromethatne. Basically the higher the nitromethane content the faster you rc car will go but the less lubrication it will have. Don't use rc plane fuel you want to use the stuff specifically for rc cars.
Re-design7 years ago
Depends on the engine. The instruction manual should have given you a % of nitro fuel to run. Go by that.