what kind of plastic are pop or soda bottles made of?

specifically mountain dew. is it styrene or a type of pvc?

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caitlinsdad8 years ago
You should look at the bottom to see if there is a recyclable symbol or number in a triangle. You can then match that up to the industry standard set of plastic code designations. My bottled water has a 1 which is PET plastic.
lemonie8 years ago
poly-ethylene tetra-something-ate... I wanted really bad to show off, but then forgot the last word :D I'm not even gonna look it up - gotta be honest about what you know, what you dont know and what you fake :D
...stupid terephthanate.
...er, uh, it's "terephthalate"...
(I looked it up)
I looked it up too...but didnt copy paste, and forgot between the time I read it and changed tabs and retyped it. :( I'm a bad dictaphone.