what kind of water resistant coat should i use ?

Hi Everyone ... i hope someone can help me with this is, or suggest me a solution, i am trying to make a custom sink for my kitchen.

so what i did, is that i bought a  metal bowl from ikea, sprayed it with white, and then i drawed some paterns with photoshop and printed them on a vinyl sticker, witch i sticked to the bowl ( see the pictures ) . To not ruin my pattern, and because i have use the bowl as a sink, i need to coat it with somekind of resistant water coating to protect it ( a transparent coating ) .. any idea what should i use ? honestly i've been looking around and i can't find suitable solution.

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Very nice.

I would coat in in Resin like this.

I have seen bars coated in this and it looks great.

stregoi (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
thanks for you answer, actually i just ordered some crystal resin, so we will see how it works. i will post pictures when i get the epoxy :)
Cool I would love seeing the finished bowl.

Remember to make an instructable of it.
You could make a plaster mold of the inside of the bowl (or maybe another of the exact bowl from ikea), and slump a sheet of thick glass over it in a hot kiln. Bring it up to heat slowly, and cool slowly, and polish the edges when you're done. Then, use a sheet metal slapper to make final fit adjustments to the bowl, and you're done. The motif reminds me of cloisonné. Beautiful work!
Take a look at West System epoxies -there are paintable ones in their range too.
stregoi (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
i been looking on the internet, but it seems as the color turns yellow with time. so i guess i will try some normal resin and see how it turns
ALL resins will yellow, if they are exposed to strong sunlight.
Liquid glass is a good clear epoxy resin that should fit the bill. It's often used on wood table tops that take a beating. It's not a very permanent solution and may need to be reapplied after several years of use.

stregoi (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
that was actually my first option, but i dont know how durable it will be, since i it is a sink, i dont know how much running hot water, soap and swapping it can handle.
It's often used to seal wood counter tops, bar tops, and tables.