what kind of wire(s)?


beginner question: what kind of wire should i get for wiring led? and is there a good universal wire or set of wires i can get?


Vyger6 years ago
A good source of the right size wire is a junked power supply. They even have lots of colors so if you wire up a lot you can still trace things. Best of all, its free.
Old junk computers can be a source of all kinds of miscellaneous things including screws and wires and some LED's .
iceng Vyger6 years ago
That nice colored wire is Solid Wire...... ahhh welll... :-Þ

iceng6 years ago
Stranded copper wire.   Copper wire because it is easy to solder to the
LED leads and to PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ) pads.

Multiple strands of copper wires because copper is a metal that 
"work hardens" as it is flexed and becomes brittle and prone to braking.

The stranded wire is much less likely to cause a complete electrical
break ( disconnection of an LED hanging by a wire ).

artworker6 years ago
Get the colored ribbon wire. It has 10 wires connected back to back.
Color sequence (Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, White). Resembles anything?